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  • Moving from Christchurch

    Morning all … we are hoping to move from Christchurch to Rye in the New Year but there seem to be very few properties on the market, especially in our price range (£250K-£350K). Is this normal (obviously you all love the place so much you don’t want to move) I guess it’s a lot to … read more

  • Wanted: A Cottage to Buy or Rent

    Hello everybody, We have just sold our cottage near Sevenoaks and want to live in Rye. We need to rent or buy a 2/3 bed house in the citadel (that’s essential) for about 1000 per month or 500,000 to buy. We are registered with all the agents but if anybody knows of any rental or … read more

  • Looking to Buy in April 2013

    Hello, we are a couple who live in surrey village at the moment but looking to retire to Rye or surrounding villages. Would be prepared to pay 280k for nice bungalow, 2-bedroomed ok but would really like big garden (husband keen amateur garden) Love to hear from anyone with anything they are thinking of selling … read more

  • Looking for a Bungalow

    Hello, My husband and I are looking to move to Pett Level or similar nearby in April 2013 after he retires. We live in a Surrey villge at the moment so love village life. Looking for bungalow up to 280k with 2 bedrooms and must have bit garden for my hubby who is a keen … read more

  • Looking to Buy in April 2013

    Hello. My husband and I are looking to retire to Pett Level or surrounding areas / villages in April next year. Anyone thinking of selling around that time and feel like avoiding estate agents’ fees? … read more

  • Business Opportunity Rye

    Hi, I have a gift business in Rye that I am looking to sell. If anyone is interested please call me. [reveal tel] . … read more

  • Chalet Wanted in Camber Sands Holiday Park

    I would like to purchase a chalet in Camber Sands Holiday Park with a reasonable amount of lease left. Reasonable sale price concidered. Please reply to [reveal email] … read more

  • Business Wanted

    Dear All, Myself and my partner are new to Rye and on the look out for a new challenge therefore, if anyone has any information regarding any business that may be soon to come on the market could they contact me on this site. We are looking to start a Guest House or B&B if … read more

  • Land Search

    We are a middle aged couple wanting to settle in Rye / surrounding area, and we are looking for a small plot of land to build a residential log cabin or a small run-down property, rural or otherwise to renovate (for our use – we are not developers and we intend to live in it!). … read more

  • Chalet Search

    I’m looking for a chalet for sale in Camber area. Does anyone know of any for sale or that may be for sale next year??? … read more

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The Gallivant
The Gallivant

The Gallivant Restaurant With Rooms is across the road from the dunes and the beautiful sandy beach beyond. Inspired by … more

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The Camber Castle Enquiry

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